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Successful campaigns energise existing customers.

Simply Energy is one of Australia’s fastest growing energy companies, powering more than half a million customers around the country. Simply Energy provide electricity to customers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, plus natural gas to customers in South Australia, Victoria and some areas of NSW. Simply Energy is part of ENGIE, a leading global energy provider that operates in over 70 countries.

Brand Characters

Edwin, Earl and Elli are the personifications of the Simply Energy brand. They help deliver key messages to existing and potential customers alike. Here, the characters are used on direct mail pieces. The first, a cross-sell piece, promotes electricity to customers who only have a gas account and vice versa. The second pro-actively speaks to existing customers, letting them know if their current offer is better for their needs than the new one in market, or not. This transparency was very well-received by customers who appreciated the gesture.

‘Coming Home’ Campaign

‘Come home to Simply Energy’ was a two-month long billboard campaign across Melbourne and Adelaide. Developed over a short period of time, the challenge was to create an impactful campaign that tied in with previous material bearing the message that Simply Energy ‘works with you’. The objective of the campaign was to generate brand awareness, making the brand front-of-mind.

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