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A+ results for rapidly growing Australian education college.

ATMC is a nationally recognised educational institute in Australia. First established in the Indian subcontinent, ATMC has evolved into a flourishing nationally recognised education institution in association with three leading Australian universities that specialise in the fields of information technology and business: Federation University Australia (FedUni), Charles Darwin University (CDU) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). As a frontrunner in international education, the Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC) provides a pathway for international students seeking higher education in Australia and abroad.

ATMC came to WhiteRhino to help transition and position its brand to a broader, more modern market. The brand strategy evolves around trust, credentials, community and opportunity – very important values potential students (and their families) look for when choosing education from aboard.

  • Incorporate partnerships with established brands into hierarchy, ensuring these stakeholders are on board with direction of identity and direction.
  • Give a new identity to a business needing to stand out in a crowded education market, where no-one was really doing it well.
  • Develop a look and feel and corporate style guide from the ground up, providing a cohesive look across all elements
  • Appeal to a multi-faceted international audience, taking cultural considerations into account.

A major rebranding programme that started back in 2014 and one that still continues to-day has collaboratively addressed all the advertising and communication touch points including print, digital, social, out of home and branded environment, as well as all colleges across 3 continents.

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