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Sade Ballestrin

10 Questions

When I was a kid I….
Spent most of my free time at ballet lessons

Favourite RhinoTunes (our office music system) is …
Any 90’s playlist

I would love to meet …
Drew Barrymore

It’s not fashionable, but I love …
Ugg Boots

I get inspired by …
The Kardashians LOL

Favourite Richmond lunch venue…
Currently addicted to Spud Bar

Apparently, I am always heard saying …

If I could swap careers I would be a …..
Justin Timberlake’s backup dancer

Online, I spend a lot of time on …
Facebook stalking and online window shopping

On Saturdays, I really love to…
Catch up on sleep and go out for breakfast



Campaign Creative
ATL & BTL Advertising
Brand Advertising
Marketing Strategy
Ideas & Innovation
Social Media Strategy


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Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Logos & Corporate Identity
Branding Rollout Programmes
Naming & Styleguides
Print Communications
Annual Reports & Corporate Literature
Sales & Product Collateral
Branded Environment


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Website Design & Development
User Experience & UI Design
Digital & Email Marketing
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Web Applications
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