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Laura MacKinnon

10 Questions

When I was a kid I….
I spent my all time with my siblings on the trampoline,
acting out The Lion King to my poor parents for the 100th time
or dressing up my little brother in dresses

Favourite RhinoTunes (our office music system) is …
Britney on a Friday afternoon is always a favourite

I would love to meet …
Adele or Louis Theroux or anyone with a British accent

It’s not fashionable, but I love …
A beanie and a baggy hoddie!

I get inspired by …
Light, shadows and a beautiful colour palette

Favourite Richmond lunch venue…
A quesadilla and margarita at Fonda or
South of the Wall always go down a treat

Apparently, I am always heard saying …
“What a timmme” I need to stop

If I could swap careers I would be a …..
Professional snowboarder, I wished I was Torah Bright growing up

Online, I spend a lot of time on …
Watching or listening to anything true crime.

On Saturdays, I really love to…
Take my pooch for a walk, followed by a stickybeak through some open houses
and then a sunset cheese board with a gin & tonic to top it off. Bliss.



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BTL Advertising
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Marketing Strategy
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Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Logos & Corporate Identity
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Annual Reports & Corporate Literature
Sales & Product Collateral
Branded Environment


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