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Leeroy the Rhino

Get noticed for all the right reasons, just like Leeroy.

Being different doesn’t always come easy, but it does make a big impact. Something our adopted mascot Leeroy knows all about.

Since 2005, WhiteRhino has sponsored Werribee Zoo’s oldest white rhino, Leeroy. And while a creative agency and a rhino might seem like an unlikely pairing, we feel he embodies all of the things that we value most: rarity, individuality, and the desire to forge your own path.

Like Leeroy, the team at WhiteRhino know it takes courage to stray from the herd, which is why we spend our days creating unique, innovative, and influential marketing solutions for clients near and far. We’re all about establishing a point of difference – something that sets you apart from the rest.

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