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QR codes make Christmas giving as easy as window shopping.

eBay and Toys for Tots have teamed up to launch an animated shopfront with The GIVE-A-TOY Store. The interactive storefront launched in New York and San Francisco and invites passers-by to window shop ‘for good’.

Passers-by can select the toy they wish to donate simply by scanning the accompanying QR code, making the donation directly from their phone.

Collecting Christmas gift donations for disadvantaged children, the virtual store engages passers-by making it easy and fast to donate while creating a feel-good experience with the animated window. The clever use of QR codes and the digital window adds an exciting new element to traditional shopping and is perhaps a precursor of things to come!

Simply Energy MTC Poster


One of our clients, Simply Energy, are proud to be Melbourne Theatre Company’s major sponsor. Our latest poster design for them was a production feat using laser cut type, manual kerning, lots of glue and steady hands! With MTC’s newest productions being ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ our tag line reflects the twisted plots in both these shows.

Design across time: MIFF60 Exhibition at State of Design


Towards the end of the State of Design festival, Jeremy and I wandered into the city for some lunchtime inspiration.

The exhibition we chose to view was  ‘MIFF60: The Graphic Art of the Melbourne International Film Festival’. Whilst a very small exhibition, it was a comprehensive array of design collateral across the 60 years that MIFF has been running. What made this exhibition unique was seeing all these items as a collection, given that they were designed by different designers, studios and agencies over the years.

In the beginning, each year appeared to be a separate entity with a different design treatment each year. With the 1990s and 2000s came a marked difference with a more definite brand identity being developed and rolled out and a greater emphasis on sponsor logo inclusion. This also coincided with a change in the early 2000s when MIFF began using advertising agencies – the programmes became more magazine-like and began to heavily utilise imagery from the films rather than simply developing a branded graphic treatment.

Seeing designs from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s gave an insight into the very different design trends of those era. As the State of Design website put it:

“… from the flat geometric designs of the Saul Bass inspired 1960s, through the psychedelic excursions of the 70s and the neo-pop surrealism of the 80s.”

It was very interesting to see how the brand and collateral has evolved over time and the varying approaches used by the different designers. Seeing a complete collection such as this was fascinating, not just in terms of the MIFF brand, but also in terms of the changing trends evident in design.

Slam Dunk your tutorials!

Ever wanted to create zany tutorial videos and get recognized for your work? now’s your chance!

Google recently launched a video portal campaign called Google Slam Demo, allowing creative minded people to create interesting tutorial videos based on Google products.

Google Demo Slam

Stealing the Google logo (above), Recreating Mt Rushmore to fool Google Goggles, even ordering takeaway in a foreign language using Google Translate, are all examples of the videos submitted.

So if you have some spare time, Google Slam Demo’s a great way to kill it.