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This Is Leeroy

This is Leeroy.

Beautiful, regal and dangerously powerful, he is the Werribee Open Range Zoo’s very own white rhino. Born in September 1980, Leeroy is the oldest white rhino at the zoo and now too old and unsociable to mingle with his fellow rhinos, he roams the back paddocks of Werribee, out of public view and peaceful in his solitude.

Searching for our hero, we felt Leeroy embodied the very essence of what we stand for at WhiteRhino. Strong, fearless, and utterly breathtaking he stands alone as one of a kind. Captured on film by the talented Scott Newett during a memorable day of shooting, Leeroy has become our mascot and icon.

Quick to become moody in the presence of others on the day of filming, it wasn’t long into shooting before Leeroy revealed the antics which earned him his solitude. Snorting wildly and pawing at the ground, Leeroy repeatedly prepared to charge at the quaking camera crew.

Gathering speed and fury with each attempt he hurled himself violently towards the single electric wire separating him from the photographer. A two and a half tonne cannonball flying wildly towards us only to pull up short in a cloud of dust at the last possible second.

Though temperamental in his old age, Leeroy is nothing short of magnificent and the memory of our incredible experience with him still takes our breath away. Native to Africa, white rhinos are believed to be extinct in the north, and thrive only in protected wildlife sanctuaries in the south.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at WhiteRhino


Bet you didn't know we could swim


See what other tricks we’ve got up our sleeve in 2012.

We’re all heading for the beach as of 24 December 2011 and we’ll return on 9 January 2012, ready to dive back into the next creative safari.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at WhiteRhino.

Andrew, Jeremy, Nadia, Jason, Karen, Grace, Jacqui, Liz & Susan – who all can swim!

Illustration by Jess McGeachin

Rhino Mania


Image from Mx.

RhinoMania is a Brazilian art project featuring 60 rhinos created by local artists and displayed in an open-air exhibition.

The truly beautiful designs can be viewed worldwide on or

Rhinos around town


Once you start looking, you can spot rhinos everywhere! Just three examples found around town:

  1. Yarra Trams Safety Awareness Campaign
  2. G Star Raw at Melbourne Central
  3. The Carlton Hotel

Let us know if you spot any rhinos on your travels!

Happy Easter from the Team at WhiteRhino

Rhino with Eggs

Have a happy and safe Easter!

From the Team at WhiteRhino.

New baby White Rhino at Australia Zoo

Baby Rhino

Australia Zoo has just announced the birth of the first baby Rhino to be born in Queensland, born at 3:15am on Tuesday 12 April 2011.

This Friday, the as yet unnamed baby Rhino took its first steps! Click here for the video.

Naming rights for the baby rhino are being auctioned off on eBay, with all money raised going towards Australia Zoo’s Conservation Projects in Africa. Check out the auction for your chance to name the rhino.

All images are copyright Australia Zoo.

A Mission made possible


Our 2010 Christmas Promo Piece started out from a little conversation with my inquisitive six year old. “Dad, just how does Santa get to everyone’s house in one night?” “Well darling, he’s very special …”

The unassuming Mr Andrew Bowler helped us out with his amazing skills, taking a brief with “I want Tom Cruise (when he was good) meets Santa meets WhiteRhino, all under the theme of ‘Mission Impossible’ – complete with headset and laser glow”. A great collective piece all round.

And of course – Merry Christmas to all – hope you hit the jackpot on Christmas morning and drive safely.

The Rhino Herd


As you’d expect, we have an extensive collection of Rhino paraphernalia. The rhino herd is an ever-expanding family!

Rhinotown, Sudan

Rhino Town

Mx reported yesterday that there are plans for a town in southern Sudan shaped like a rhino. Can’t wait for the aerial photographs!

Behind the scenes of our Christmas Card


Merry Christmas from the team at WhiteRhino. As the lights go out on 2009, WhiteRhino would like to wish you all the best for the festive season and the new year. We are all on a break as of 23 December 2009, and we’ll be bright, charged and ready to go on 11 January 2010. See you then!

Some of you may have received our Christmas Card over the last few days. Here, we reveal exactly what went into the making of the beast that is the light-up rhino.

Firstly, I’d like to dispel some rumours – yes, it’s real. I painstakingly spent hours carefully laying the lights on our wireframe rhino (not to mention sourcing the lights), and the boys took him out to the depths of suburbia to be let loose in his native environment. Thank you to Gary Gross for the photography.

Follow the link below to view the behind the scenes shots.