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Industry Misconceptions: Why we should strive to correct them …

Industry misconceptions: Why we should strive to correct them

There is a perception or as I prefer to think of it, a misconception that graphic designers have only an innate artistic talent and that our job has little to do with intellect. However, this is not the case; a truly brilliant graphic designer will be an intelligent thinker armed with a suite of other skills.

So why should we, as designers, find this misconception offensive and strive to correct how the public perceives us? Here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. It undersells what we do and validates the notion that we design only for fun. It makes design seem less like a service that should be valued, which people ought to pay good money for and more like a hobby we’re indulging in. Design delivers real results to businesses, so the professionals who do the good work should be taken seriously as experts in their trade.
  2. “My friend has a daughter in year 8 who has Photoshop.” Almost all designers are qualified professionals; bright people who have chosen a profession that constantly provides new opportunities to learn and engage. Being exposed to such an array of work from a wide range of sources gives designers a unique perspective, not only on their own industry, but on the industries of the clients they service.
  3. It’s just plain insulting. Clients’ expectations are high and most of us working in small (or even large) studios are jacks-of-all-trades. For some of us that means taking on writing, coding, administration or sometimes the mundane task of stuffing envelopes. On a daily basis we stretch the boundaries of our job titles in the name of ensuring the job gets done and done well. Don’t we deserve a little bit of credit for that?

So don’t take it on the nose next time someone belittles you and your chosen profession (accidentally or otherwise). Stand up and proudly spell out what it is that makes us special and why design is the domain of smart people with sharp minds.

Facebook Timeline – Maximising Business Potential

Having introduced their new timeline format to business pages just over a month ago in a soft launch, Facebook has now officially made the switch to all pages in a mandatory update. Similar to the new format for personal profiles, the timeline for pages offers a host of new features and ditches a few of the old, in some cases dividing opinion. To help point the way, WhiteRhino’s web developer and resident wizard Jason sat down to give us the rundown on the pros and cons of the social media giant’s latest facelift, providing a few useful hints along the way on how to optimise the benefits for social savvy businesses.

As with previous Facebook revamps, improvements in functionality, accessibility and user interactivity have been driving factors in the redesign. To this means, several major changes including the introduction of the cover photo (banner image) and larger photo display have been introduced.

“The cover photo is one of the biggest benefits to businesses as that banner space provides much bigger promo capacity than previously available,” says Jason. In addition, the ability to highlight specific stories allows businesses to control what gets priority on their page, pointing visitors to important news and positive feedback over other news.

The improved accessibility of the data and analysis information is also a major bonus for businesses wanting to track customer engagement through their page. The analysis tool is much more akin to that of a blog, says Jason, adding that “while it’s not much different to before in terms of actual tools, it’s much easier to find and use now, saving time and effort when collecting this data.”

Next the newly introduced capacity to direct message (DM) business pages serves to further encourage customer feedback and interactivity between consumers and businesses. In terms of using social media as a tool for genuine feedback and interaction says Jason, this is a big step but one that requires proper handling. “It’s important to acknowledge messages from clients or consumers, whether positive or negative as it can both cut down formal correspondences to help lines and encourage more genial resolutions to potential problems.

Businesses and consumers alike however should be aware of the cons of the new design as there are potential pitfalls for both parties. “The loss of the conversation tracking or wall-to-wall feature is a big one,” says Jason, highlighting how it is now virtually impossible to track interactions between two parties chronologically anymore. This means all wall-to-wall conversation history has been virtually eradicated so there is no paper trail to track interactions that have taken place publicly.

As well as this, apps (e.g. pages like forms or booking info etc.) have now been limited on the home page, making them harder to find and access and in some cases reducing the functionality of the page for some business interactions. Posts in the no longer static timeline design are also now subject to moving around the page, meaning posts not highlighted (including negative comments or feedback) are quickly lost. It’s also now harder to follow a page’s interactions as events are categorised under ‘Activity’ and ‘Likes’ boxes rather than chronologically. This is not necessarily a bad thing for businesses but consumers should be aware of this when posting complaints or feedback.

“Basically, businesses will need to adapt their approach to using Facebook as a tool,” says Jason of the update, recommending all businesses take the time to learn their way around the new features and design, familiarising themselves to avoid unnecessary gaffes and improve the usability of their page.

The Briefing Handbook

A few handy tips and guides for writing a creative brief, to make the job easier and the results better…

Basic Details
This seems like a no-brainer but make sure you start every brief with the basic details necessary to proceed. Contact details, the job and its deadline should not be hard to find so make sure this info is up-front and accurate.

The overview should include the requirements of the job, the context in which it exists, relevant background information (briefly) and the timeline.

Background & Material
It’s important to put jobs in the context of past campaigns, so here is the spot to provide relevant past material. Any carry-over content that remains relevant should also be provided as well as new content, brand guidelines and other information. If the job involves any kind of co-branding, sponsorship or partnership, make sure all relevant background and style and branding specifications for ALL parties are provided.

Target Audience
Who are you trying to reach? What is the demographic, the purpose in communicating with them? What is their relationship to the client? It is useful to supply some detail about the background, likely views and values and density of the target audience.

The Core Message
This is the purpose of your job or campaign, summarised in a sentence. It can also include the call to action if there is one.

Unique Selling Point
What sets your brand or product apart from the competition? This is the most crucial point to made through your communication as it is what will pull your target audience’s attention.

Creative Direction
The creative direction should include in greater detail the brand style (including for any associated brands), the desired look and feel, the tone of voice and any other brand specific direction to be considered.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at WhiteRhino


Bet you didn't know we could swim


See what other tricks we’ve got up our sleeve in 2012.

We’re all heading for the beach as of 24 December 2011 and we’ll return on 9 January 2012, ready to dive back into the next creative safari.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at WhiteRhino.

Andrew, Jeremy, Nadia, Jason, Karen, Grace, Jacqui, Liz & Susan – who all can swim!

Illustration by Jess McGeachin

WhiteRhino has a simply good time at MTC!

WhiteRhino ads for our client Simply Energy, Melbourne Theatre Company season sponsor.

Some of our ad work for Simply Energy, MTC season sponsor. Foyer poster and page three programme ads for productions of ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’

Thanks to Simply Energy for tickets to the amazing ‘Importance of Being Earnest’, great night!

Simply Energy MTC Poster


One of our clients, Simply Energy, are proud to be Melbourne Theatre Company’s major sponsor. Our latest poster design for them was a production feat using laser cut type, manual kerning, lots of glue and steady hands! With MTC’s newest productions being ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ our tag line reflects the twisted plots in both these shows.

The famous BG icon goes stealth with some new thrusters

What began as a creative scribble almost 10 years ago has become the backbone for a global media giant. Buchanan Group or ‘BG’ as they are more colloquially known are the people behind the infomercial juggernaut that is Brand Power and Zoot Review and has undergone a comprehensive revamp in line with their growth.

And the scribble that is Benny the Bee, the personality icon who flies in at the end of each TV slot has had some serious modification work – check out the new jet thrusters . See above

The Dental Solution Office Launch Party


Our client, The Dental Solution – fresh from a rebrand – launched their new look and new offices last night at an amazingly successful Office Launch Party. WhiteRhino were there to celebrate, with a great night had by all. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some familiar voices face-to-face, and to see the culmination of the work we’ve been doing over the past few months. Feedback on both the branding and the office was overwhelmingly positive. Above are presentation folders featuring Business Cards, Pricelist, Lab Bag and a variety of Forms.


Proudly Supporting SAHOF – 2010 Sports Dinner with some worthy winners!


What terrific ambassadors for Sports in Australia are these two worthy winners. Lydia Lassila and Jessica Watson both spoke beyond their years in front of a who’s-who of Australian and International Sports. We love doing this work and continuing our ongoing relationship with this organisation, Sport Australia Hall of Fame – and yes, it helps when we are sports nuts!

Enter a world of really passionate purveyors of fine food

QFW are manufacturers, developers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters & marketers of .. you guessed it.. food! And boy, do they have an antipasto option for even the most obscure palettes.

And so our tasty challenge was to get over 5,000 products online via our RhinoCMS – but hey, when Erez the man behind the empire, delivers tasting samples for the Friday boardroom lunch – that sweetens our endeavours. You really got to try the babaganoush, it’s dynamite!