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Designers Music Mix

We came across a website called Designers.MX earlier this week that’s been a hit on our in-office RhinoTunes player!


Mixes created and designed, by designers. Designers.MX is about discovering new music.
Music that drives our favorite designers, and allowing them to create a unique cover design for each of their individual playlists. A daily music and design masterpiece.

Archibald Prize at TarraWarra


Above: TarraWarra Museum of Art

On the weekend I headed out to TarraWarra Museum of Art to see the Archibald Prize. Despite the nightclub-like waiting line, the exhibition itself was fantastic, and a great reminder that seeing artwork in the flesh always far surpasses seeing it in a book or online. Definitely worth the trip for the amazing exhibition and beautiful scenic views – highly recommended!

On until 31 July 2011. For details visit the TarraWarra Events Page.


Pecha Kucha in Melbourne

Pecha Kucha is a really interesting concept that has just been brought to Melbourne, largely by the efforts of a local Melbourne studio, HereStudio. It began in Toyko in 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. The beauty of this event is that the presentation format is based on a simple idea whereby each speaker shows and talks about 20 images which each image only being shown for 20 seconds.

Great Idea! Quick! Punchy! Succinct! Pacey! Interesting! Dynamic!

Well that’s not exactly how it panned out. The Melbourne event was held at ACCA on Wednesday 20th July as part of the State of Design Festival. There were six speakers in total, with only one real stand out – Michael Leunig, the well known cartoonist, philosopher, poet and artist. He was funny, polished and showed quality images that more importantly were engaging. The theme for the night was ‘Break, Broke, Brake’ – a nice concept and something to work with. But unfortunately the other speakers were not particularly engaging or interesting. However, the most disappointing aspect to the event was the quality of images being shown on the projector – a couple of the speakers’ presentation visuals included dimly lit iPhone snapshots.

A couple of us who were there – both from creatives with careers spanning a number of years – were really hoping to see quality speakers from various design backgrounds showing slick slides, given that the event was associated with the State of Design Festival. We were thinking Photographers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Animators, Interior Designers or Industrial Designers, but that wasn’t the case.

The venue was great! The free alcohol was great! The Nathan Coley gallery installation was thought provoking and the general vibe of the crowd was great! Despite the best intentions, it just fell a little flat – an opportunity missed.

Perhaps next time, if its part of a design festival, the organisers could include speakers from a broader range of design disciplines. I would consider going again but will do my research on the speakers next time.