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The famous BG icon goes stealth with some new thrusters

What began as a creative scribble almost 10 years ago has become the backbone for a global media giant. Buchanan Group or ‘BG’ as they are more colloquially known are the people behind the infomercial juggernaut that is Brand Power and Zoot Review and has undergone a comprehensive revamp in line with their growth.

And the scribble that is Benny the Bee, the personality icon who flies in at the end of each TV slot has had some serious modification work – check out the new jet thrusters . See above

IE 9 Release and Lightbox Bug

IE9 was released a few days ago, around the same time, Firefox 4 was released, but more on this at a later time.
IE9 has produced and interesting “quirk” with the Lightbox 2, JavaScript popup image viewer.
When clicking anywhere on a page with this script running, the page will flash black and then fade to 50% opacity.
This bug can be observed at the Lightbox2 website

The fix for this is relatively simple, updating your prototype library to the latest version, 1.7 will fix this is the majority of cases.
Prototype can be found here