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GardenWorld marketing – customer satisfaction blooms

A very stock standard form filled out on a website chasing down a particular tree species – received the standard sort of reply a few days alter saying usual kind of stuff – ‘want us to contact you when we get some in’… ‘Sure’… yadda yadda…

Well last week (over 6 months after initial enquiry), how pleased I was to receive ‘Andrew, further to your enquiry on ‘date’ we now have those in stock. Unfortunately, they are not in the exact size you originally requested but we have them in X size at $. We look forward to seeing you.’

WOW! I actually reread the email few times. So well done, Gardenworld – this does the brand proud. Terrific system and superb follow up. Sure its sounds simple but as customers dont we love receiving the extra attention or engagement from a brand – well, my customer satisfaction here is 10! I bought heaps.

Social Media Icons


Social Media and File Sharing websites are increasingly being integrated with corporate websites to the point where custom-made icons for some of the world’s most recognised websites are being re-styled and crafted to suit the design of the corporate website. And what a great thing that is!

Not only do they look cool, but the best thing is that these companies don’t seem to mind – and so they shouldn’t, because their brand is being spread around the world at a ridiculously fast rate. Imagine if a brand like Apple or Microsoft suddenly had corporate websites displaying their icon or brandmark redrawn in sketchy pen or all teched-up and glossy. I don’t reckon they would approve, do you?

Anyway I’m really getting into this small detail that websites are putting in and thought I’d share a couple of reference sites with you: