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A Mission made possible


Our 2010 Christmas Promo Piece started out from a little conversation with my inquisitive six year old. “Dad, just how does Santa get to everyone’s house in one night?” “Well darling, he’s very special …”

The unassuming Mr Andrew Bowler helped us out with his amazing skills, taking a brief with “I want Tom Cruise (when he was good) meets Santa meets WhiteRhino, all under the theme of ‘Mission Impossible’ – complete with headset and laser glow”. A great collective piece all round.

And of course – Merry Christmas to all – hope you hit the jackpot on Christmas morning and drive safely.

The Rhino Herd


As you’d expect, we have an extensive collection of Rhino paraphernalia. The rhino herd is an ever-expanding family!

Facebook to offer ‘F-mail’

On the 15th November 2010 the future of email was set to change forever, or so Facebook say.

At the annual Web 2.0 Summit, Facebook announced the launch of its new email system and how it will revolutionise email in the future;

Messaging is growing faster and faster, so we’re talking about what the next version of this is. Here’s the “problem space.” Modern messaging is not email — it will have seamless integration. It will be informal, rather than formal. Formal adds a cognitive load so people wont share as much. It should be immediate.
Mark Zuckerberg – 15th Nov 2010

Facebook has a user base of approximately 500 million users, where as the highest current email provider, Windows Live (Hotmail) has only around 315 million.
It will be interesting to see how the social environment changes in the following months.