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What went wrong with browsers?

Web browsers have been the biggest bugbear for web developers since I can remember back in the good old days of Netscape. One minute you love them, the next minute you hate them, but boy oh boy have I seen some weird stuff as the result of browser incompatibility, inconsistency and incompetency.


Not thinking when you need to be a thinker.

At the end of our online form, we have a simple button – “Keep me informed”. On the surface, it is simple. It simply means would you – the design graduate, the potential employee, the person wanting experience, the illustrator extraordinaire, the hot new designer – like to be kept informed and up to date with what’s going on at WhiteRhino.

But are they really interested in WhiteRhino? Will they do whatever it takes to get their foot in the door, to portray an edge, to get noticed or simply a response. NO, we are not selling your details to a foreign telecommunications company – we are simply seeing if they are interested in the brand WhiteRhino. Because, by definition, they are wanting WhiteRhino to take an interest in them! So what kind of message does that suggest when someone ticks the box that says ‘NO! I don’t want to be kept informed’. It says to us, they are really not that interested.

Some people just don’t think, and in this game, you must be a thinker! So we hit ‘delete email’.


Cavalo Consulting – New client


CAVALO, a boutique Melbourne consultancy group came to WhiteRhino looking for a bold and daring direction for their new business. WhiteRhino’s answer: a gutsy type treatment with a strong use of colour. Click here to visit the CAVALO website.